3 Subjects Schools Should Teach To Improve The World

A friend of mine posted an article called 3 Subjects Schools Should Teach To Improve The World on Facebook today – http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/3-subjects-schools-should-teach-to-improve-the-world/.  It made me think. this is obviously a complicated subject and can be discussed forever. Here are my reactions and ideas (without much research or thought about time, demographics and political restraints).

My favorite, thought-provoking part of the article:

Our schools, while they do indeed try, ultimately fail to fully harness the power of today’s young minds because they emphasize routine, discipline and testing over exploration, compassion and innovation.

Another problem today in education is that we simply aren’t teaching kids what they really need to know to be successful in life.  While it is important to  learn basic math, science, and reading to survive in today’s world, it is also important to teach kids how to thrive.

The author lists the following as his three subjects: Meditation, Proper Nutrition and Laws of Attraction

I love these ideas, but have a few hesitations.

  • First, Meditation – I completely support this method of quieting the mind and bringing awareness into one’s body. I wonder if this subject could be mixed with a History of Religion, Study of Culture or Personality or even Physical Education class as there is not much scientific background. I fear it may conflict with some people’s belief systems. On that note I would also stop mandating the Pledge of Allegiance. I mean come on! I won’t get in to that right now.
  • Second – Nutrition.Yes please! Obesity and health problems are an enormous problem all of the world and especially in the US. Even if you do not have a health or eating problem this is practical and useful knowledge. I think it is taught in schools, but not as much as it should be. I fully support a separate class just on nutrition. And perhaps exercise. Teach non-fad diets and exercise routines, which I realize are a bit controversial. But discussions on the possibilities would help.
  • Third – Laws of Attraction. I am curious what this actually means. I fully support the teaching things like good negotiation and confrontation skills. I am thinking of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. These life-lessons are invaluable!

Here are the three subjects I would add to our Public School Curriculum:

1. Geography

Some other related classes: Geo-Politics, Anthropology, International Business, Sustainability & Ethics

Americans are known across the world for being arrogant and ignorant about the rest of the world. In our age of globalization, knowing about our neighbors, about people we will be affecting by our decisions and doing business with is so very important.

I would emphasize how our actions affect the rest of the world. No matter what business you enter, our decisions are changing the world environmentally, socially and economically. Besides business, most people will end up traveling and should think about these things as well.

2. Linguistics and A Second Language, even better: Bilingual Classes

I know most high schools offer a choice between Spanish and French BUT almost no high school kid actually learns these languages. They should be expected to learn a second language from a young age – let’s say before age seven, children’s optimal age for language-learning (debatable, I know). I would go as far to say American children should be expected to learn Spanish as English is in fact not an official language and there are more than 37 million Spanish-speakers in the US. Spanish-speakers have an advantage in the job market. Students in non-English-speaking countries should be given the tools to learn English as it is a terribly useful tool as they enter the job market.

3. Nutrition & Exercise

As explained above. Let’s teach our kids the basics and less controversial ways of staying healthy, how to distinguish a trend-diet and how to make healthy practices a habit. All high school kids should know the basics of healthy eating and exercising. They should know how to come up with a routine.

What do you think?

**Photo taken March 2014 in Mara North, Kenya


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